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The Living Balance Sheet®

The Living Balance Sheet® is a computerized filing cabinet that stores everything to do with your financial world, bank statements, credit card histories, passport numbers, mutual fund information, insurance policies, and even award miles from travel companies. These documents are displayed on your own personal secure website. If desired, you can receive automated messages to alert you when a particular account has changed or needs your attention. If aggregated it updates all information at 3:00 am every day.

There are four categories: Protection, Assets, Liabilities, and Cash Flow. These categories are displayed side-by-side, providing you with a wide-angle, comprehensive view of your finances and their potential. For the first time, you'll understand how your financial strategies work together, and you'll be able to adjust them to your circumstances, as your goals and dreams change. 

The Living Balance Sheet® enhances the traditional financial model of Assets - Liabilities = Net Worth by including Cash Flow and Protection considerations in your financial plan. This holistic financial model makes it easy to recognize the long-term potential of every dollar you earn so that you can make educated decisions toward achieving improved financial balance.

Our goal at Strategic Solutions Financial Group is to:

  • Address issues of inadequate protection
  • Enhance asset performance
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses and risks
  • Build savings / liquidity
  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Cost recovery and recapture strategies
  • Become a World Class Saver
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Live a financially balanced lifestyle
  • Protection first approach 
  • Velocity of money vs accumulation planning

The Living Balance Sheet® (LBS) and the LBS Logo are registered service marks of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. © Copyright 2005-2016 Guardian